Dr Itch Stopper-

Your product basically saved my life as I had a chronic itch that would not stop no matter what and no doctors have been able to figure it out even after biopsies and creams, lotions, you name it.

Thank you

Patrice in Brewster, MA

Almost two years ago I was up in the middle of the night surfing the net for any thing that might help my case of "itching condition". I was desperate, and only ordered the small Itch Stopper because I was willing to try anything. When it came, it was amazing. I am now ordering a second larger itchstopper.


Jennifer, Nashville TN

what agreat product....wish I had it amonth ago.It has saved me from alot of agony.I thought maybe I was nots for ordering..but it works just like you said. God bless you and thank you.

Linda L. in PAYSON, AZ

comment: I ordered one for my 6 year old son who is allergic to mosquito bites. This works like magic!!! We brought it with us on a visit to our grandparents. My grandpa suffers from a rare form of "condition" - no itching, just needle like pain and burning all over his body. With nothing to lose, we tried it and he found relief for the first time in years! Like magic, REALLY!!!

Thanks. -Jamie in Gold Beach, OR.

This thing really works. I doubted it, but after trying it it really does the job.

George in Florida

Thank you so much, I received it today (April 16-04) It has already helped the itching and I had extreme itching with an "itching condition". I will recomend it to any one who needs the Itch Stopper.

Lola Ogden in Apache Junction, AZ.

You have an amazing product and my wife used it on a daily basis. It is the only source of relief she can get from her itching problem that the doctor have been unable to diagnose. This product has been a miracle cure for her. Thank you.

Danny in Saraland, AL

I am please to find this equipment and it really helps me a lots. My mother is using it now and would like to get another set for myself.

Thanks and warmest regards,

Huiping in Singapore.

I bought a itchstopper in January, 2000. It has worked very well but I wonder what the life expectancy is for one. I am considering buying another just to have on hand if something goes wrong with it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Stanley Beacock in Canada

Dear HonTech,

I have been meaning to write you this letter for a long time, but I am not the kind of person who usually writes testimonials. Your product is so amazing, however, that I just had to do so.

Thank you so much for inventing and marketing the Itch Stopper. Although I was extremely skeptical at first, this device has not only healed my itch problem (which had lasted for 5 years) but actually appears to be curing the underlying dry skin problem that causes the itch. To anyone who is hesitating about whether or not to buy this product, I say, "Please try it. Buy the large model. You won't be disappointed."

D. Cole in Lake Delton, WI

I received my ItchStopper yesterday and used it on my daughter (7yrs old) last night. I applied it on various parts of her legs and arms for +- 10-15 seconds at a time. For the first time in 3 months she slept right through the night without itching. Needless to say, I TOO SLEPT without being disturbed. Best wishes and have a blessed Christmas.

Kesteren in South Africa

I have now been using the Itchstopper for about two weeks and find it most satisfactory in relieving itching, but I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it also relieves PAIN. I have used it to alleviate the severe stabbing pain of shingles, and also the muscles aches resulting from over-exercising. It has worked beautifully in all cases. Because of my personal success with the Itchstopper, I have ordered another one to be shipped to a friend who has tried mine and found remarkable relief from the debilitating pain of sciatica, resulting from a fall from a ladder.

Today I brought the Itchstopper to her house, where she was lying, immobile, in bed, trying not to use too many pain-killers. She was is obvious discomfort when I plugged in your device, and after rubbing it, for a minute,on her most painful areas, the small of her back and the outside of her leg, she was able to get up and use the bathroom, normally, for the first time since her fall.

I cannot tell you how much relief and confidence I have received from the Itchstopper. After I was diagnosed with shingles, I was told to expect pain and discomfort for as long as three months. Now, less than two weeks later, I use your device once a day, and am completely pain-free. Thank you for presenting such a marvelous pain reliever.

Adele in Hull, MA

I ordered the LD model last year ( 9/23/02 ) for my father, who suffers from T-cell Lymphoma ( a form of cancer that makes the skin itch like poison ivy ). Well, it worked like magic, but my mother called and said that it had quit working ( just one year after he had it ). Apparently it wont turn on at all. Would you rush me another one, and I will send the other one back to you ? I hate for my father to have to wait until you get the defective unit before he gets the replacement. If you saw him and how it relieved his itching, you would understand.

Please let me know as soon as you can.


Myers in Indianapolis, IN

I found something on the internet that i thought may be a scam but it had a money back guarantee so i thought why not try it. i have sever "itching condition" on the soles of my feet. i bought the itchstopper, last night was the first time i used it and this actually works! it is great if you don't want to put steroids, etc into your/your child's system. PUVA did not work after months and this worked after one try. just check it out. i am elated after a year of expensive oitments and light box appointments ($75 per appointment here in so california) to fidn something for $50 that stops the itch and lets me sleep.


During the summer months we have a raucous parade of chiggers, fleas, ticks, spiders, wasps, scorpions and tarantulas who are fond, angry or afraid of people and other creatures. My wife favors eye-bulging, throat-closing chemical deterrents. I am more tolerant, and consequently suffer until miserable. So then, let me thank you and your company for this wonderful product (Model LD). I have used it safely and effectively. I copied your website information and gave it to the local Walmart pharmacist.

Best wishes, and thanks again.


Dapice, Skiatook, Oklahoma

Iv had the Itch Stopper for around 5 days now and the horse fly bites i had itched like hell. The stopper did just that and only today a guy had some sort of reaction from fibre glass so we tried it and hes full of smiles. He said "how does it work", i said who cares its just great.

Steve Hall ....Bedfordshire UK

I want to tell you that this machine has really been a Blessing.

I have an itching arm that the Doctors have not been able to cure. For 3 or 4 years I have been fighting with this problem and I looked forward to your itch machine helping me deal with my itch. This machine has been wonderful calming down the hot itchy area. I have used it daily and I take it to work and keep it at hand.

Oh know, you did not send out another unit for me yesterday?

I am frantic without it. Can we do something to get one to me quickly?

I realy need it. I would suggest not using that same carrier. Please don't make me wait for another unit. You can charge me and then credit me when you receive mine back, but please get one in the mail today.

Thank You,

Ruth Ann in Powhatan, Virginia

I wanted to write to thank you for this product. I have finally achieved the relief that I have sought over the past several years. It works!

I have previously tried just about every over the counter "itch relief" medication available, and they offered only temporary relief. I have been to two dermatologists, and the best they could do was prescribe various ointments that had limited effect and anti-histamines that also were of limited help. The best they could tell me was to "hydrate" more, so I tried everything from pure emu oil to aloe vera to olive oil, canola oil, and plain vaseline. None of that seemed to do much good. I still had trouble sleeping, and the itching was driving me insane. The "Itchstopper" works, and now my life can get back to normal.



Thanks for your prompt delivery.

My Son has tried it, and he is absolutely 100% amazed!! Thanks for such a wonderfull product. This is what the Internet should be used for....

Fred Saunders. (UK)

I recently recieved the Ld model and I must say that I can see vast improvements. Thank You,


Dear HonTech Foundation,

My son suffers from constant itching due to Atopic Dermatitis. His Dermatologist has him on the regular treatments: steroid creams and antihistamines. He is very dependent upon them, and I hate to see him taking so much medicine. I am so glad that I decided to take a chance and try the “Itch Stopper”. Thank you for making this product and helping people that suffer from constant itching to be healthier & happier.


A concerned Mom.

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to let someone know how much relief I enjoyed after using this device. I was about to go insane from the itching, from "a itching condition", and nothing was giving me any relief. The itching ceased immediately after using the Itch Stopper for the first time! My only regret is not finding this wonderful device sooner. I've been singing its praises to everyone.

Thank you,


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