Directions: Turn on the power by pushing the power switch. Press the apparatus onto the affected area of the skin for about 10 to 20 seconds. The itch should stop immediately and completely. You may also move the device in a circular motion to treat large areas, one area after another, so to clear up the itching spreading all over the body. In most cases, daily use for 2 to 5 minutes on each lesion-site helps clear up the problem.

Money-back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the results of this device within 32 days after purchase, you may return the device (postmarked 30 days from the date we ship to the date you mail) along with the receipt to HonTech Foundation for Medical Technology, PO box 1341, Westford, MA 01886, USA. We will cheerfully give you a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping-and-handling). Only one money-back-guarantee per person or family.
   We will and we must honor such a money-back-guarantee policy and follow the direct-marketing-sales-rule of the Federal Trade Commission. Your credit-card-company and our Acquirer (the First American Payment Systems) will also enforce it to protect you. You may call your credit-card-company to confirm that.

Limited Warranty: HonTech Foundation for Medical Technology warrants your Electronic Itch Stopper to be free from defects in workmanship or material for one year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, any such defects will be repaired or the defective unit will be replaced, at our option, without charge. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty does not cover damage through accident or misuse. Repair or replacement will be made if this device is returned postpaid with $7.95 for return postage and handling to HonTech Foundation for Medical Technology.

Principles: This device applies gentle, and highly specific electronic energies. It temporarily stop the degranulation process of skin mast cells and, in some situations, destroy exogenous or endogenous toxins in the skin. Histamine causes itch, rash, and swelling. ItchStopper stops its release from the skin Mast cells. ItchStopper can also activate stress genes, as UV does, to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

What makes it so effective: To be effectively eliminated, skin diseases must be treated from the bottom (the base of the skin). Chemical and biochemical medicines are ineffective at penetrating the skin barrier to reach the skin-base or, once they get there, they are taken away by the blood stream. No medicine can effectively concentrate locally at the base of the skin. This is why creams, lotions, and powders are so ineffective at relieving itch and clearing up lesions.
  The ItchStopper applies energies that effectively penetrates the skin-barrier. It is so powerful and effective because it focuses the energy at the skin-base of the affected area.

Safety: The ItchStopper is a safe treatment. You may use it whenever and wherever you want. You may use it on a one-year-old child, on the face, on the scalp, on the eyelids with closed eyes, and on the most private areas.
  Some customers found that the ItchStopper gave off a specific electro-magnetic wave. Others found the top was warm. All of these are normal and completely safe. The electro-magnetic energy approximately 1% of that produced by a cellular phone. Again, the ItchStopper is a safe treatment. It is safer than most creams and lotions available on the market today.

Warnings: For external use only. The use of this product by more than one person may spread infectious diseases. If itching persists or clears up and occurs again within a few days, consult a doctor. Use by children should be supervised by an adult. Use on children under 1 month of age requires special attention.

Emergency Treatment: People with BAD itching should order on-line, by Fax, or over the phone. Upon request the ItchStopper will be shipped by Express mail to make sure you receive it overnight. We guarantee that, within 5 minutes after receiving the ItchStopper, your itches will be shut down and you can get back to your normal routine.

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