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What makes it so effective: To be effectively eliminated, skin diseases must be treated from the bottom (the base of the skin). Chemical and biochemical medicines are ineffective at penetrating the skin barrier to reach the skin-base or, once they get there, they are taken away by the blood stream. No medicine can effectively concentrate locally at the base of the skin. This is why creams, lotions, and powders are so ineffective at relieving itch and clearing up lesions.
  The ItchStopper applies energies that effectively penetrates the skin-barrier. It is so powerful and effective because it focuses the energy at the skin-base of the affected area.

Safety: The ItchStopper is the safest treatment for skin problems. You may use it whenever and wherever you want, on the face, on the scalp, on the eyelids with closed eyes, and on the most private areas.
  Some customers found that the ItchStopper gave off a specific electro-magnetic wave. Others found the top was warm. All of these are normal and completely safe. The electro-magnetic energy approximately 1% of that produced by a cellular phone. Again, the ItchStopper is the safest treatment for skin problems. It is safer than most creams and lotions available on the market today.

Availability in stores: Although the ItchStopper is currently available in about 200 retail stores, include star-market-pharmacies, in the Boston area, it is not available in retail stores in any other areas. It may take more than five years before it becomes available in your area, so, do not wait until it becomes available in your local stores. There is no reason for you to suffer any longer.

Whole-body-treatment: Thousands of patients are using the Electronic Itch Stopper for the treatment of itching spreading all over their bodies. It may take 10 to 30 minutes to do so. Many people do the treatment when they are watching TV or chatting. Each treatment keeps them itching free for an entire day. The antihistamine-effect generated by the treatment also helps since histamine is the final-cause of itch, rashes, and swelling.

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