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Doctors know that UV light relieves skin problems, but how? Vitamin D activation cannot account for the effect. It is now known that UV activates a group of genes called stress-genes, which produce stress proteins. These proteins may be responsible for keeping the skin healthy and beautiful, and effectively clear up skin problems.

UV is not the ideal means to activate stress-genes. It causes skin-cancer. Many other forms of energy have been found to be not only more powerful than UV in activating stress-genes, but also more effective at clearing up skin problems.

Effects of other forms of energy on psoriasis. (published by third parties)


68% complete remission
23% partial remission
100% complete remission
30% complete remission
50% partial remission
86% complete remission
10% partial remission

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The Elecronic Itch Stopper is a product of modern science. It generates safe and highly specific changing electronic energies, which are the most effective for your itching. It does not cause DNA damage, or skin-cancer. In addition to being more effective than UV at activating stress-genes, the ItchStopper destroys toxins below the surface of the skin. It will eliminate your itching within one minute! The following clinical trial results were obtained by Doctors from 200 patients.

Statistical Analysis of our clinical trial results:


itch eliminated in   19 6*  seconds. Lasted for up to 24 hours
itch relieved in    49 5   minutes. Lasted for only a few hours

* P< 0.01 as compared to the Cortaid group. Statistically significant.
# Cortaid is one of the most powerful anti-itching creams on the market.

Histamine is the final-cause of itching, rashes, and swelling. By immediately stopping histamine release from skin mast cells, Elecronic Itch Stopper also generates strong and localized antihistamine effect. It is the most effective treatment.

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