For all those skeptics out there I can tell you that the Itchstopper does work and does it's work well!!! I have multiple allergies and a a terrible time with bug bites. Every biting bug in a 3 mile radius of where I am standing at any givenn time gets word of me and flies high and fast to come take a bite. It is terrible and restricts my movements at dusk and there after. I bought an Itch stopper 3 years ago out of desperation. I too was a skeptic and was too embarrassed to tell my OB/GYN husband that I ordered the ItchStopper, which I knew definately would NOT work! At the time I would have ordered a Shaman that treated bug bites if one was available for purchase on line with overnight delivery. When that first Itchstopper landed on my front porch I started using right away and to my amazement each bite I treated stopped itching right away! A few days later my husband got a whole slew of Chigger bites while mowing our lawn and I pulled out my new white plastic friend and told him how to use it. My learned Physician husband only used ot to make me shut up about it and low and behold his chigger bites stopped itching for about 12 hours. He was Gobsmacked! We ordered 3 more large Itchstoppers that night!!! My husband even talked to his colleagues, one of them my allergist, and offered one of our newly ordered Itchstoppers to anyone who wanted to try it out for a few days. We never saw that Itchstopper again, it travelled throughout the entire multi-specialty clinic with rave reviews!!! I understand that the action of heating the venom in the bites renders it inactive. Most bites only need one application but Chigger bites need an application twice a day for a week or so. None the less an Itchstopper is a must have in my house and each of our cars! It works! buy one! you will be very glad you did!!!

Tracy in AR

I just want to let you know how popular your product was this past week. Eleven family members spent a week in three cabins near Crivitz, Wisconsin on Lake Noquebay. Needless to say the mosquitoes were pretty bad at night and most of us got numerous bites. I told everyone who was suffering from the bites that they could use my ItchStopper. Questioning ability that the ItchStopper would work, a few tried it and was amazed at how fast the itch was gone. It wasn't long several others were asking to use it and all agreed that it was a wonderful product and wanted to know where they could buy one. So when I got home, I sent an email out and got a call back from one family member who had contacted the rest as he was going to order one and wanted to find out if any of the other family members and friends wanted to order as to save on shipping. He even called me as I was talking about buying another one just to have as a backup. I have had this one for several years now. So to make a long story short, from what I gathered from him this, this morning, he is going to order 10 of them for friends, family and neighbors also. I think I deserve a thank you for putting the word out. Just kidding, I need to thank you for offering such a wonderful device. I wouldn't be without it as it seems anything insect that bites wants to home in on me, and the ItchStopper has made my life much better.

Thank you

Robert in IL

I really should have written to you sooner and am ashamed that I havenít. Most people are quick to complain when a product doesnít work but you donít hear much when it does. Iíve been using your itch stopper for just about 5 years now and canít imagine life without it. I have very sensitive skin and get *"skin condition" for no reason (or what it seems like) most of the time. When I wake up in the morning, if Iíve been too warm and perspired during the night, they are all over my back. If my bra strap or waist line on my jeans are rubbing a certain areaÖ I get *"a skin condition". Iíve suffered with these for over 15 years and am so thankful for your product. If I do get them on my face, a few zaps and they fade by the time I get to work.

You are amazing and I had a little panic attack the other day at the thought that if this one ever broke, what would I do and will be ordering another one as soon as I can!

Iím so thankful that youíre still selling them and that is a big testimonial to how well youíre doing. Bad products do not last long on the market!

Thank you again for ending many sufferings!


Lisa in Toronto, ON Canada

I purchased my Electronic Itch Stopper three months ago, and I can honestly say it has changed my outlook on life. My entire family thanks you. For over three years I was tortured by a skin condition that was only on my neck. Neither I nor four dermatologists could figure out the cause. After numerous steroidal creams, lotions, and other remedies, I had just about given up hope. I have to admit, I was very skeptical about your machine when I read about it on the internet, but I was also beyond desparate. After ONE application of the machine to the problem areas on my neck, I noticed IMMEDIATE relief -- to the point of total disbelief on my part. Now, with just one or two brief applications of the machine twice a day, I have been TOTALLY itch free. If I do feel a slight itch or twinge coming on, I simply zap it and it is gone.

Your machine had given me three months of uniterrupted sleep at night. and I can now wear clothes I haven't worn in years for fear of itch flare ups. My skin is totally healed. I feel I have regained my freedom. I can go outside in the sun without fear of an outbreak. I can plan vacations without thinking about whether or not my neck will limit my fun.

I had a second machine sent to me just in case I lose the first one. The money I have saved on medications, creams, and doctor's visits has more than paid for both machines.

I would be glad to correspond with anyone who is as skeptical as I was proir to purchasing the Itch Stopper. My e-mail is: .

Thanks for a great product.

Rob, Ledyard, CT

To whom it may concern,

This device works amazingly. My life wihtout it was a nightmare. Two months that I am using it changed my suffering into pleasure.

Thank you very much.


Greetings folks!

Who do I kiss for making this thing? I hope you're a millionaire many times over. Why isn't it in stores? Are the cortisone people threatening your lives?? (LOL!!) My "itching condition" was spreading even without me scratching or rubbing at all. Now I see the inflamation going down, no huge blistering and of course it doesn't itch. It's really nice not to worry about having lotions and creams all over me, too.

Also, is it safe for skin that doesn't have any itch problem? (our answer is YES) I'm asking because I used it on a spot on my neck, and while in the shower I rubbed my face and a LOT of dead skin rubbed off, making my face look much healthier, blackheads gone, etc.

Thanks again folks, I'm a very happy camper!

Blessings to all,

Danielle in Lower Lake, CA

My name is Bill and I live in Houston, Texas. The electronic "Itch Stopper" made by "Hontech" is a miracle, it works! Unlike the medication prescribed to be by my Dermatologist, the "Itch Stopper" works. I have had an itchy spot on my arm that my Family Doctor nor the Dermatologist could cure. When the Dermatologist recommended surgery to remove the itchy spot, I began checking the internet, looking for something to take care of my problem itchy spot. I found it, I applied the device three different times to my itchy spot for one minute each time. So in a time period of about three minutes, "Hontech" cured my irritating little itchy spot. A week has gone by, and I have not had even one need to scratch the spot on my arm. If you have an itchy spot, and you are tired of waking up at night to scratch it, then buy Hontech, it works. I just wish that I could have done this years ago.

Bill in Houston, TX


i just had to write. when my husband saw i was ordering the Itch Stopper on line he thought i lost my mind. well now he is giving thanks to this wonderful device. i have an "condition", and i have had itchy arms for the past 3 years. this last year the itch was with me on a 24 hr daily basis, i have been to 5 different skin drs in fla, all they did was tell me there is "no cure" don't know what causes it, i went to an allergist, went through all the different tests, nope not an allergy, now i am buying all kind of expensive creams and steroids, nothing works and my arms were a greasy mess. then i saw your Itch Stopper, i thought " why not" i have paid as much as 50.00 for a 1 oz tube of cream that didn't work, so i'll try this and it came with a money back guarantee. well my husband was laughing when it came 4 days ago, he ain't laughing any more. i was never able to sleep before the Itch Stopper, i have to do it 2 times a day.( big deal) compared to how i was living before the Itch Stopper. i cried myself to sleep every night, my husband even tied my arms up with ice, nothing worked.. thank you all so very much i wish i could tell the world about your wonderful Itch Stopper.

god bless

judith in boynton beach, fla


My husband bought me your large Itch Stopper for Christmas last year (18 months ago). I thought it was the dumbest thing he had ever purchased and did not really try it. About 8 months ago I used it one night and to my surprise it worked. I used it for about one week every night and the itch that I have had for 23 years stopped. I am taking it on trips with me just incase I need it. However I have lost the plug in cord and would like to know if I can purchase only the cord or if you know what I can buy that would work.

Sue in Fenton, MI

Thank You very much for such a great product. I had doubts about the Itchstopper when i first came across it on the net,but having bought one and used it for the last few months i swear by it now. I've suffered with "my itching condition" for 3 years and have had to take a antihistamine everyday since it started, thanks to your product i've taken no pills in the last 3 months.

Thanks Again

Debbie Reid in Canada

I ordered an Itch Stopper a couple of days ago and I have to tell you this is a great product! Both of my arms and legs covered with tiny itchy bumps and I hate to take any kind of medication even creams so I desperately needed something like this. It really works! I can sleep at nights, now.

Thanks for this great invention!

Viktoria in Davie, FL

Hi, I had tried everything to stop unbearable itching. Products would give relief for maybe an hour and then the itch would be back with a vengence!

I am so pleased with your "Itch Stopper." It is always within my reach. This is truly a miracle product.

A very satisfied customer!!!

Dorothy in Anoka, MN

I have used your product for two years now, and I find that it helps to reduce the itching I get from frequent, severe itching conditions. It certainly works better than any medication, creams, or anything else I've ever used, including Claritin Relief .

Thank you very much.

Lorraine in MS

Thank you sooo much for getting it here so fast...I am leaving on Thursday for Europe for 2 months and I was so hoping to get it before I left. Thanks a million!

Selina in Laie, HI

This is the second Itch-eraser I am getting, this one is for my Mom. I have had "a itching condition", only on my toes, twice a year for over 8 years, only occuring in the winter. I have almost gone to the hospital at times because the itching was so bad. Of course the doctor couldn't figure out why, and my own research on the web about my "condition" turned up nothing. Thank you, thank you. Oh, what a relief it is not to be going out of my mind every winter with highly hitchy toes. This device is awesome....

Erica in East Berlin, PA

I ordered the ItchStopper purely out of desperation, as I have been suffering for years with "a condition" that causes "my itching condition" and welts all over my body. I would scratch myself to the point of drawing blood. These "condition" would spread so quickly that I decided to invest in the more expensive model for larger coverage. It is supposedly more powerful as well. I am absolutely unable to take any antihistamines, as they cause grand mal seizures in me. (I found that out the hard way.) The only relief I was able to get was through buckets of ice or Cortaid. Although the cream did work, it took substantially longer than the the ItchStopper did. I also felt a more thorough relief with this product, than I did with the cream. For anyone out there who is the least bit hesistant, I swear by this product. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, which is what prompted me to try this. This is the best investment I could have made. I know I sound like a paid advertisement, but I swear this gadget works!

Shari in New Jersey

Product continues to work as advertised! Thank you!

Calister in San Diego, CA

I am very allergic to mosquito bites. I have even gone through several episodes of cellulitis from bites!! Not one commercial preparation worked, and I think I tried most of them. The one and only thing that brought any relief were ice packs, and it is difficult to maintain an active lifestyle with an ice pack on your leg/foot, etc. About a year ago I typed in "mosquito bites" on the Google search engine on the internet, hoping to find a miracle cure, and I found it in your ItchStopper. It works!!! My husband and I are both believers! I told him last night that this is the best invention since the wheel! I am just sorry that more people do not know about this wonderful device. To the person who invented it, I say a huge THANK YOU!

Shadley in McMinnville, OR

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