I am just writing to say "Thank You"! As I am sure most people are, I was extremely skeptical at first, but due to the suffering I thought I would try just about anything. But when I got it last week and tried it, the doubts were forever gone. This product has been so amazing! I have tried every single ointment, cream, etc. to stop the itching. I went to doctors, dermatologists and they were only able to chalk it up to "dermatitis" and prescribe a cream that basically did nothing. It was affecting my sleep which in turn was causing numerous problems in the rest of my life. My stress was making the itching worse and worse.

After the first use of your Itch Stopper (Model LD) the itching went away (actually for MORE than 24 hours!). I love the fact that it is battery operated so I can take it anywhere. Although the stress in my life has not gotten any better at least the itching is gone (which is like a breath of fresh air for me!) Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. I know that you have so many on your webpage already, but I also know that more certainly does not hurt! Thank you again for changing my life!

-Bryan in CA

Dear HonTech Foundation I already bought one from you but I wanted to see what all it could and could not do as the brochure is limited in information for use and precautions. I had a swimmers itch from too acid of a swimming pool and my legs were covered with itchy bumps from the acidic water that looked clean & clear but was not fine after all and this Itch Stopper stopped the itch and so stopped the rash progression from me itching and I had to use it all over my legs! It is amazing!

Sarah in Macclenny, Florida

thank you for info, I did in fact reorder the itchstopper 1.5.02, hope I have not got 2 coming!!! nice to be in touch with you, my previous itchstopper gave up the ghost, I have to say it has been a lifesaver, thats why I was so desperate to get another one, Regards

Joan rook in UK

I have had your Itchstopper for several weeks now, and am delighted with the results.


Thank you for Expressing the package. I got it the next day, as you said. I cannot thank you enough. My itching was ruining my life. I would claw and claw at my skin until it bled. Now, I have no more itching. I cannot believe it. Whenever I get a little tingle, I get my Itchstopper and turn it on immediately. This is amazing, but I believe it has improved the look of my face. I have been smoothing over wrinkles and line, and they are getting smaller. I can even see a glow to my face that hasn't been there for years. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much,

Cheryl in Lakewood, NY

Thankyou.. This works much better.. I have already noticed a difference in my condition and my 'itch' has stopped..

Many Thanks


Lisa McDowell. in UK

Do you have the Itchstopper available for use in Europe where they have 220 Volt? I have the large model and took it home with me to Germany. By the way, I have been itch free ever since I bought it and have gotten to the point where I do not even have to use it every day. Best investment I ever made. Thank you very much for the great help.

Lotte in Europe

I purchased the Itch Stopper several years ago and it truly helped me. Now I'm looking for relief from tendinitis in my shoulder. Any ideas.

Ella in Southfield, MI


I have "a condition" which can at times drive me crazy with itchiness. I decided to try your Itch Stopper, and must say that it really did curtail the itchiness for several hours or a day a time. It was a blessing because there were many times that I itched it until it bled. thanks!

Toni Davis

I just wanted to say that I received my ItchStopper and am amazed that it actually has helped my itch that I have had for over 5 months. I was very skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose by ordering one because I have already spent several hundreds of dollars on prescription and non-prescription medications, creams, sprays, etc and found very little relief. I got my first night of uninterrupted sleep the very first night I used it. Thank you

Karen in Richmond,KY

I am incredibly happy with this device and cannot go a day without it. It's simply a brilliant device for alleviating pruritus that I have mentioned it to many people I know advising them to give it a try.

Very sincerely yours,


Just placed my order for another ItchStopper (LD). It's the *only* way I can stop "my condition" from itching when they break through the medications. It's a fantastic product!

Ruthe in West Bloomfield, MI

Unbelievable that this actually works,but it does.About 6 months out of the year I have a "itching conditon" & it drives me crazy.I received your device a few days ago & just like you said,within 30 seconds,the itch was gone. When I apply it to the affected area, no blistering accurse.I've been using it on setting #3 & wanted to find out if this is normal?,it seemed to have stopped it from spreading also.


Sam, in Dallas, Or.

It is working fine. I am pleased with its efficacy but the time in which it must be used again is approximately six to eight hours, for me. Nevertheless, I am quite amazed with it. I have also started recommending it to people I know who would find it of great help. And so far two persons want to order it right away.

Yours truly


My name is Karen Reece. I recently ordered a ItchStopper. I received it in two days. It has worked beyond my wildest hopes. I have slept over a night for the first time in a long time. I have had this itch for over 5 months. Thank you

Karen in Richmond, Kentucky

Dear Wendylee:

Some time ago (say three years) you furnish me with one set of your incredible effective itch controlling fine instruments (in fact, I purchase from you both the battery operated small version and the wall transformer larger and more effective version as well).

Humberto Rodriguez in Mexico, D. F. MEXICO

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